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Product name: heating oven

Specifications: work size: 1200 * 920 * 760

External size: 1400 * 1200 * 820

Temperature: 250 degrees of accuracy within: plus or minus 3 degrees

Voltage: 380 v power: 9 kw

The tank material: 1.0 thick stainless steel plate

The outside material: 1.2 thick pipes plastic spraying, blue white door

Thermal insulation material: 1260 degrees of fire resistant fireproof aluminum silicate fiber cotton, heat preservation effect is good

Raw material: three layers, adjustable height, made of stainless steel bar

Heating system: using stainless steel heating pipe for heating

Yun wind system: horizontal wind, with 750 w long axis motor, with a 10 inch and a half blades

Control system: solid state relay control, xiamen yu electric PID intelligent temperature control table

Contain overtemperature alarm, temperature to the timing, when power outage alarm

At the bottom of the other: for 3 inch universal casters