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Pallet car furnace
Pallet car furnace

Pallet car furnace is mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel casting, gray iron, ductile iron, roll, steel ball, crusher hammers, wearing plate quenching, annealing, aging heat treatment and various mechanical parts. Type furnace, it is the national standard energy-saving cycle super energy-saving structure, with composite fiber insulation, super lightweight high strength beads vacuum energy saving brick, exclusive rights to produce the brick off 20 ° inclined put on silk silk, collision brick front against the workpiece, automatic sealing car and oven door, integration of rail, without foundation installation, can be used on a level surface.


Pallet car furnace shell composed of steel plate and steel welding, electric furnace lining material is made of super light weight of 0.6 g/cm Э energy-saving refractory insulation brick masonry, laminated aluminum silicate fiber blanket insulation, furnace shell and lining filled between silicon aluminum brazing interlayer expansion to powder insulation, the oven adopts heavy collision brick, car surface heavy high alumina brick molding. Electric furnace using labyrinth refractory masonry with pallet. The electric heating elements are spiral heating element, put in the furnace side put aside pieces of brick masonry and car, heating element material for the international general 0 cr25al5, highest use temperature 1200 ℃.


Pallet car furnace belongs to the cycle type furnace, furnace area. The structure of the pallet car furnace, furnace bottom for a mobile trolley. Before heating, car outside the furnace charging, heating on a dedicated pad iron, then pull car charging by the traction institutions within the heating, heating and then pull car from outside by the traction institutions discharging, or after the heating of the workpiece with the crane to the forging equipment for processing.