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Electric Heating Film Mica Board
Electric Heating Film Mica Board

Electric Heating Film Mica Board


lStable: thickness of electric heating film is less than 0.1 micron, combines with base material as a whole perpetually and won’t bubble or break off

lCustomized parameters: voltage, power and power density is designed

lSafe: ceramic pipe is adapted as base material, it enables the elements to bear heat and cold impact

lDurable: no open flame or oxygenation is generated during working, use life is much longer than ordinary heating elements

Typical applications:

      Convection heater, Radiant heater, Hanging heater, Far infrared therapy bath-room


lWorking temperature:≤330

lSurface temperature difference between two sides:100~150

lRated voltage: AC/DC 3~380V

lWithstand voltage:2000V,1min

lCreepage current:≤0.75mA

lLife time:≥3000 hours

lWatt-density: ≤0.7W/CM2

lSize: as ordered


lHigh covert-rate of more than 95%, electricity-saving and environment-friendly

lFast temperature increase, warm in no time

lParallel circuit design, more durable

lFar infrared physical therapy, in favor of health

lLight and thin, anti-vibrate, easy shaped