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Product recommendations Time:2014/8/25

Product name: precision oven

Model: DD02 -2
Inside the empty size: 900 * 600 * 500

External size: 1600 * 900 * 650

Voltage: 380 v power: 5.5 KW

Temperature control range: room temperature to 300 degrees

Accuracy: + / - 1 ℃

Number of shelf: five layers

Weight: 200 kg

The tank: stainless steel, cold plate coating surface. Heat preservation material use 1260 degree burning fire resistant aluminum silicate fiber cotton.

Using temperature control table RKC waalwijk. Control method: SSR contactor control, electric power cuts back and forth.

Contain overtemperature alarm, temperature to the timing, when power outage alarm.

Horizontal wind, with 370 w long axis motor, 8 inch centrifugal rotor. The resistance wire heating.