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Shenzhen city industrial co., LTD., founded in 2006, mostly located in the beautiful and rich pearl river delta, its predecessor was the most electric equipment factory, established in 1996. Over the years, the company has accumulated rich experience in electric industry, have professional and technical personnel, advanced production equipment, strong production capacity, is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Company products are exported to foreign countries, domestic customers include foxconn technology group, Hong Kong li ka-shing's long park electronics, Taiwan cassia au chain and other large enterprises.


At present, the company products are mainly divided into three parts, the first part for electric equipment, including drying box series standard and customized drying box, series resistance furnace, special drying room, large resistance furnace, tunnel furnace, etc. Second part for the company's new projects, far infrared heating components, including organic electrothermal electric heating element, carbon PET, epoxy hot plate, inorganic carbon paper the electrothermal electric heating element (quartz heating elements, ceramic heating elements, mica heating element), etc.; The third part is the resistance wire heating accessories, such as fever castings (cast aluminum, cast iron, cast copper heating element), metal electrothermal film, electric heating circle, gluing machine mica heating heating plates, ceramic high-temperature sterilizer, ceramic brick, etc.;


The company's growth cannot leave the modern management, modern management depends on the advanced management idea. Our philosophy is \"customer first, honesty, unity and enterprising, beyond innovation\".


In the development of the future, we try to use the most advanced technology, higher levels of product development, and with the most competitive price, best service, the company into a world-class, various areas always trusted resources platform, as a permanent teamed up with aggressive friends from all walks of life.